The Bluebird Foundation has now opened up the window of time to apply for one of their many grants for students in the arts.

Students can now apply for special grants in the amount of $500 to be used to further their education in the field of the arts they are in. The rules are, for any current high school-aged student, grades 9-12 that are involved in the performing arts. Which includes music, dance, and theater.

Applications are available on the Bluebird Foundation Website and they will accept applications through April 15th, 2022 at 4 pm. There are seven grants available.

  • ·         James Stellmaker-Big Daddy’s Brass Award
  • ·         John D Munsell Theater Award
  • ·         C.M. “Bud” Schultz Music Award
  • ·         Rose Mary Harmeier Hoene Dance Award
  • ·         Dewey Asbach Performing Arts Achievement Award
  • ·         Mark Anderson Jazz Award
  • ·         Mike Baker Percussion Award

The Spring Grants will be awarded at the upcoming Bluebird Foundation's Annual Spring Scholarship Ceremony, to be held at VIP Pizza in Superior. The Ceremony will take place Friday, April 29th at 5:30 pm.

After the ceremony, Born Too Lake (a past Bluebird Foundation Grant Recipient) will take the stage and entertain. Tracy Lundeen, part of the Bluebird Foundation, said up to now, the Bluebird Foundation has awarded nearly $50,000.

This is something I wish had been around when I was a kid. I needed something like this and just a push to help. There was no information and nothing to further people who wanted to do music, dance, or anything with the arts.

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Some of the similarities involve the way we prep for each of the seasons. Other shared items involve rituals, chores, finances, and yes - even weather. (I know, you're thinking - how can the weather be the same in the summer and the winter; trust me - it can be - read on to find out how.)

One thing is for certain, though, as to how Minnesotans deal with summer and winter: True to our nature, we confront and embrace each of the seasons all at the same time.

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