The Bluebird Foundation is now accepting applications for Fall scholarships for kids who have interests in the arts.

Whether it be music, dance, art, theater, or whatever but must take advanced training toward their goal. That is what the scholarship is for to help the student to move forward in their learning and advance their skills.

The Bluebird Foundation has a few Scholarships available for the fall, but the big one is:

The Audrey A. Lundeen Bluebird Scholarship

Named after Tracy Lundeen's Mother

This is for current high school seniors who plan to go further in dance, theater, or music (vocal or instrumental) in college or some other advanced arts training beyond high school. They don't have to plan to major in any of the arts like dance, theater, or music but must plan to do advanced study/training to keep the arts a part of their lives. A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to one senior to use for his/her advanced training in the arts.

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There are additional Fall Scholarships for 2021.  These include:

  • Nels Hursh Culinary Award ($500)
  • Jim Putnam Award - Cloquet Eagles Club Aerie 1163 ($500)
  • Cloquet Eagles Club Aerie 1163 Award ($500)
  • Patrick Perfetti Music Excellence Award ($500)
  • James Stellmaker Award by Big Daddy's Burgers (2 - $500)

You can fill out the scholarships online or you can fill them out and drop them off at the office of Tracy Lundeen. or send them in the mail.

Here is the address:
Bluebird Foundation c/o
Tracy Lundeen
4815 Burning Tree Rd, Suite 106
Duluth, MN 55811

They must be completed and/or dropped off by 4:00 pm on November 12, 2021

From the Bluebird Foundation website: Along with the completed form, you must include an application form, applicants should also include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach familiar with the student's achievements and interests. Recommendations may also be submitted online or mailed to the above address above.

The Bluebird Foundation is excited to give these scholarship opportunities for the fall, because they were forced to skip the spring awards.

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