They’re so similar: Two movies about pairs of superheroes, one gifted with incredible powers, the other a genius who builds himself an unstoppable suit of armor. They have a philosophical difference that leads to a knockdown drag-out fight between the two. They align with other heroes to further their respective agendas. And yet one is an exciting adventure and the other is a gigantic bummer. How can two movies that are so similar feel so different?

That’s the question ScreenCrush editor Ryan Arey set out to answer with his latest video essay. Why do we love Captain America: Civil War? And why do we have such a hard time loving Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? In this video, Ryan compares the two and discovers that one scene holds the key to understanding everything wrong with BvS (and everything right about Civil War). He gets into the fundamental differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe. And he tries to figure out what those respective differences mean to the future of each of these massive comic-book franchises.

(Plus there are Martha jokes. Obviously, all the Martha jokes.)

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