It’s December, which means it’s officially mashup season, the time of year when every movie lover with an editing program and a few hours on their hands cuts together their own rundown of the year’s greatest hits. The latest comes from YouTube user Sleepy Skunk, who’s been cutting together the coolest moments from the year’s movie trailers for a few years now, and this one features Blade Runner 2049 right alongside IT, Phantom Thread, and The Florida Project.

What I love about mashup videos like these is they’re a great reminder of all the good stuff that comes out every year for those days when you can’t remember which movies you really loved. They’re also a great reminder of what comes out every year for those of us who might have forgotten a few: for example, I totally forgot that The Dark Tower even existed, let alone came out earlier this year. I’d like to re-forget that, actually.

Another great thing about these videos is that they’re almost entirely visual, so they’re a great showcase for movies that may have looked really nice, but didn’t end up being good movies. There are a few shots in here from this year’s spectacular failure Ghost in the Shell that hint at how cool a live-action version of that movie could have looked, if it had been any good.

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