After a tragic week in Duluth where a murder-suicide took the life of the Barry family in Duluth's East Hillside neighborhood, a public vigil has been organized by their family and friends.

They're asking the community to come together in honor of 44-year-old Riana Lou Barry, 47-year-old Sean Christopher Barry, 12-year-old Shiway Elizabeth Barry, and 9-year-old Sadie Lucille Barry, who were all fatally shot while they were sleeping by another family member.

The Duluth Police Department shared the open invitation to public on their official Facebook page:

On behalf of the family and friends of Sean, Riana, Shiway, and Sadie Barry, the public is invited to attend a public vigil to honor their memory on Sunday, April 24, at 8:00 p.m. The public is asked to join family, friends, and neighbors at the Barry’s home at 715 East 12th Street. Those wanting to attend can come early.

One of the family’s favorite times was Christmas and the magical glow of Christmas lights. The Barry’s home will be lit with Christmas lights to send love and light throughout their neighborhood. The family also invites the public to display holiday lights on homes throughout Duluth in their memory.

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There will be a short program beginning at 8:00 p.m. when the home will be lit with Christmas lights. There will also be an opportunity for members of the public to share stories of the family to help the family and our community heal from this tragedy.

The public is also invited to bring new children’s books to the event that will be donated in the family’s honor. The Barry family had a Little Free Library in front of there home where neighborhood kids could find books to read.

Duluth Police add the 700 block of 12th Street will be blocked to vehicle traffic beginning at 6:00 p.m. Parking in this area is limited.

There has also been a GoFundMe page set up  to help pay for the cost of funeral services, burial, memorial, expenses of travel and lodging in Duluth for family members as well as other related costs.

They started the page hoping to raise $50,000 and as of Saturday morning, just over $40,000 had been raised.

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