Just as the seasons change comes the schedule for the annual fall bagged leaf pickup in Superior.  This years schedule runs for two weeks - November 2 through November 13 - with staggered pickup dates depending on neighborhoods and addresses.  During those dates, city crews will make their pickups of leaves that have been properly bagged and placed out for reception.

It's important to note that brush is not included as part of this pickup program - neither are grass clippings or other general garbage.  Here's a run-down of the specifics in regards to the bagged leaf pickup:

  • All leaves must be bagged with the top opening tied shut
  • Bags of leaves should be placed in the alley or the street where the normal garbage pickup is made for that residence
  • Leaf bags should be free from other debris - i.e. the bags shouldn't contain garbage, plastic, wood, etc.  Bags that contain an abundance of these items that aren't allowed will not be picked up during the program
  • Brush and grass clippings will not be picked up by city crews.  Residents who have grass clippings or brush are directed to bring them to the landfill for disposal.  Grass clippings are always free to dispose of at the landfill.  There is a free for brush disposal:  $8 per car, truck, or trailer load.  A car or truck with a trailer full is $16.

To get a look at the detailed pickup schedule, click here.

Residents who miss the bagged leaf pickup can still utilize the city landfill for disposal of their leaves; they can always be brought to the landfill for disposal free of charge.

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Current landfill hours are as follows:  Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM to 3:40 PM and Saturday - 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. For more information, call the landfill office at 715-398-7222 or the City of Superior Street Department at  715-394-0244.

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