Can't get enough bacon? Hormel Foods has your back with their new "Breathable Bacon" face mask.

Every time you put on the "Breathable Bacon" face mask you'll enjoy the smell of Hormel Black Label bacon all while protecting yourself from a deadly virus, win/win.

Hormel says they've used the "latest in bacon-smell technology and irresistibly breathable, 2-ply fabric, finally, bacony-bliss can be with you always — even while out in public."

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For now, you can't buy one, but you can enter to win a free pack at Enter between now and October 28th and Hormel will donate one meal to Feeding America for every request. Winners will be drawn on November 4th.

Hormel also announced "The Black Market, a multisensory virtual reality experience, the development of a musical experience using the sounds of bacon and creating the world's first bacon-fueled motorcycle." Ummmmm, OK?!

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