An exploratory dig project being done by the St. Louis County Public Works Department on Arlington Avenue has turned up empty coffins and possible human bones.  The dig site was on the east side of Arlington Avenue, just south of Arrowhead Road.

According to officials, the discovery happened lat Wednesday, as work crews were doing exploratory work for a future project.  The exploration was initiated due to the potential for such a discovery, as the site is located near the Greeenwood Cemetary.

After the State Archaeologist was notified, the workers were directed to open the wooden coffins; they were found to be empty.  At the same time, workers did discover what is believed to be a human bone outside of the coffins.  Experts believe that the findings are the remains of a grave relocation project that occurred in the 1960's.

The advance-work is being done in preparation for a reconstruction and widening project scheduled for Rice Lake Road north of Arrowhead Road; that work is expected to be performed in 2020.

At the current time, the dig site is fenced off and the general public is being cautioned to stay out of the are for both safety reasons and out of respect for the potential of other remains that may still exist there.



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