Steve Huff has been communicating with the other side for years. Now he has created his own app for the computer to communicate more clearly. He has been to the cemetery to do ghost hunting and to abandon homes.

With his new app he sits down to have coffee with the spirits and records all the voices he gets and plays them back.

According to his website he has been experiencing spirits since age 7,

All of my life I have been interested in spooky things and haunted locations, and I remember that all of this seemed to have started as a small child when I had an intense experience in a hotel room while my parents slept. It was late and it was dark but I was awake because I heard a noise. I remember there were two beds and I demanded I sleep with my dad in one bed while I told my sister to sleep with my mom. I was a bit creeped out in this old motel for some reason.

I can remember with crystal clarity…  as I was jumping on my father trying  to wake him as a man stood at the side of my bed, lifted his fist and said “you want this”. He was then gone just as fast as he appeared and when my Mother and Father woke they both thought I was dreaming, My dad turned on the light, checked the room and told me all was secure and to get to sleep. But I can assure you this was no dream.

Here is his new app in action:


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