Oscar Mayer is introducing a bacon hot dog. Not Bacon wrapped hot dogs, you can make those at home. I'm talkin' Bacon in the hot dog. Oscar Meyer said in a statement, we know americans love hot dogs, we know americans love bacon, why not put them together.

The "Bacon Dogs" are hitting the shelves this week just in time for Memorial Day. YES!!! I already love hot dogs, and I already love Bacon.....this sounds like I might have to hole myself up in a room and eat these tilll I'm sick. (Sorry for the visual).

They clock in at 130 calories and have 11 grams of fat, 35 milligrams of cholesterol, and 270 milligrams of sodium each. But who cares? It's bacon!    FYI- Two Bacon Dogs are better for you than a McDonald's Big Mac

According to Yahoo!Shine "No one knows bacon like Oscar Mayer," Jared Baker, director of Oscar Mayer hot dogs . That's true, they are introducing some more new dogs include a gluten free chicken-breast hot dog, bigger versions of Smokies smoked sausages, lite hot dogs, and fat-free dogs.

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