Technology has changed so much in our lives. There are kids that have no idea some of the things they take for granted were once a tradition. It looks like this is another one that could change the way we watch sports.

How many times have you wanted to order a hot dog, popcorn, two beers, something to eat or drink and you wait for the vendor to come by. Sometimes you won't get the beer you want or the food you want isn't being brought out. Should you go now and miss the big play or home run?

Now you can order it. They are already using in Ireland and Australia. Mastercard has come up with an app called QkR (pronounced Quicker), and here's how it works. You scan the bar on the seat in front of you. That opens up the menu and also tells the vendor what seat you are in. You order the beer, the food, or whatever. The food goes on to your credit card and you get the food delivered without having to get someone's attention or step on a million feet as you pass by them to go buy food.

According to Yahoo! Finance, MasterCard’s QkR app, along with similar apps from competitors such as Visa (V) and American Express (AXP), will probably find plenty of uses far beyond stadiums. Parents in Australia already use QkR to order and pay for school lunches for their kids, an idea that could easily spread to America. Overall, plastic credit cards are probably on their way out, to be replaced by digital apps that offer more functionality and security, and take up no additional space in your pocket. Banks and credit-card companies, in fact, are competing mightily for dominance at thousands of retail checkout counters, once it becomes clear what kind of technology will prevail and merchants begin to install the card readers of the future.

I think it's a great idea, it won't put people out of work because the vendors would become runners, the stadium might hire more runners because more food might be sold.

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