Ladies if this offends you I'm sorry! I feel the need to speak up for men everywhere and for myself because I am color blind. Women have their own way of telling you what color they want for a room or clothes. I think it is to make you feel ignorant so they can pull one over.

Here's what I mean. You ask a man what color the Minnesota Vikings football team is. Purple and Yellow and White. What color are the Green Bay Packers? Green and Gold.

Now, tell your wife/girlfriend/lady friend.....she'll say, the Vikings are burnt eggplant and canary. the Packers are evergreen forest and banana sunshine. What are these? Flavors at the coffee shop. Somehow I feel as though I have revealed the inner child feelings that I have held inside.

Ladies, I am color blind, when you start using colors to describe the sunshine or red velvet cake, I'm not impressed. I have spent a lot of time learning what I see is the same color you see.

I am doing both women and men a favor, here's a color chart you can look at and print.


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