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No, it’s not Warren Beatty. Or Will Smith. Or a whole bunch of other actors. Over more than 50 years of movies based on DC Comics, many of the biggest names in Hollywood have signed on to portray the company’s iconic heroes and villains. But playing a dude in Spandex is not for everyone. For proof, just look at the list of 15 A-listers below, who all had their chance to play members of the Justice League and turned Warner Bros. down flat.

Their reasons for rejecting those offers vary. Some openly admitted they were not fans of superheroes. (Jon Hamm, how could you?) Others like comics but felt they weren’t right for whatever role they were offered. A few wanted to take the part but had to say no for logistical reasons. Whatever reason they had, none of these actors took the parts of DC heroes and villains they were offered. If they had said yes, the DC Movie Universe — and in some cases the entire film industry — could look very different.

Actors Who Turned Down DC Roles

These major stars could have played some of your favorite DC Comics’ heroes onscreen. But they all said no for one reason or another.

Actors Who Turned Down Major Marvel Roles

Not everyone wants to be a part of the Marvel universe. These actors all got offered high-profile gigs in Marvel movies and turned them down.

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