In case you didn't notice - 2020 is an election year.  Additionally, both Minnesota and Wisconsin have been identified as "battle states" - i.e. those that stand a strong chance of flipping one way or another.  With all of the usual activity that surrounds a presidential election year (increased campaigning, etc.), the issue of absentee voting has also been swept into the spotlight - especially with the concerns related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While absentee voting in Wisconsin has been an option for years - and, the process is easy - there has been some recent confusion added to the process for some voters.  According to news sources, some registered voters in the Badger State have started receiving absentee ballot applications in their mailboxes in the past week. These applications are confusing some voters who may have already applied for an absentee ballot - making them re-think whether or not their original application was received and processed; the applications have also created a shadow of doubt for some as to the legitimacy of their vote.

Receivers of the applications can rest east - the mailing is legitimate and from a trusted source - the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  They might just have crossed paths in the mail with the earlier ballot you requested.

According to news sources, the Wisconsin Elections Commission prepared a mailing list in "late June" of registered voters who had not applied for an absentee ballot for the upcoming general election in November.  Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesperson Reid Magney explains:

"Since then, maybe 200,000 people have requested absentee ballots.  So there are going to be some people getting the mailing who have already requested their absentee ballots, and if they have, they don't need to worry about it."

The good news?  Checking your status is easy.  While you can call to check your status, it's even easier when you use the My Vote Wisconsin website.  Voters can both apply for an absentee ballot on the website and also check the status of a past application; the website provides a very-detailed status of your record once you enter in a little information about yourself.  (Again, the My Vote Wisconsin website is a trusted website that is run by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Click here to get started)

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