A Steam Mop Is My Latest Favorite Gadget, It Works!
Between my kitchen that is a laminate looking wood but still warps when it gets wet and my camper floor that is filthy, I would go through half a bottle of 409 and two whole rolls of paper toweling. I was at a lost and would procrastinate because it was a knee and back breaker.  Now I have clean floors at a fraction of the work.
Have You Experienced A Lite Flite Induction Drone? [VIDEO]
My sister always finds the latest and greatest cool gadgets and while visiting her recently she introduced us to the Lite Flite Induction Drone. It’s definitely something that will keep you, your family and friends occupied for hours, but for the full experience you should wait to play with it at night.
Kitchen Library Lends Gadgets
As a foodie, I have a strong dislike for kitchen gadgets.  In my opinion, items like garlic presses and George Foreman Grills just take up space;   There are practical ways of accomplishing the same results with the tools you already have (or SHOULD already have) in your kitchen...
Sperm Counts Are on the Decline (Blame Electronics)
According to researchers, the sperm counts of European and American men have been steadily falling over the last 50 years. Scientists believe environmental factors are contributing this decline. Warm baths, nicotine and alcohol have always been sperm killers, but new threats such as the heat generated by a cell phone placed in a pocket or a notebook computer placed in the lap are also impacting s