If you are unhappy at your job, or you are looking for your dream job, here's something I talked about on the air this morning. It was simply too long to give you all the info, so here's all the details to do it yourself.

Write your birth date in numbers. Example: My Birthday 7/3/1968

Add the numbers in the year together: 1+9+6+8

Add the month and day of birth to the year number: 7+3+24=34

Add the end result together to obtain a one-digit number: 3+4=7

My master number is 7, so I can check the jobs that will make me happy below.

Master Number 1: Leadership, independence. A natural leader and innovator; excellent in management levels. Ideal careers include inventor, designer, director, retail business owner, producer, sales manager, engineer, executive or small business owner.


Master Number 2: Cooperative, team player. Doesn't mind not being the boss. Ideal careers include lawyer, diplomat, clerk, caterer, insurance adjuster and architect.


Master Number 3: Joyful, creative. Multi-talented; requires self-expression for happiness at work. Ideal careers include artist, musician, medical field, lawyer, athlete, designer and actor.


Master Number 4: Structure; order. Best when working with form and structure. Crave an organized environment to produce best work. Ideal careers include building trade, mechanic, accountant, executive, software designer, banking.


Master Number 5: Craves variety. An ideal communicator with strong language skills. Ideal careers include salesperson, advertising, writer, teacher, editor, marketing, e-commerce, actor and lawyer.


Master Number 6: Giving and receiving love. Strong in service to others and domestic concerns. Ideal careers include homemaker, teacher, artist, florist, singer, beautician, fashion field, musician, caterer.


Master Number 7: Spiritual inner knowledge. Philosophical with a yearning for truth and education. Ideal careers include healer, author, farmer, photographer and researcher.


Master Number 8: Material expression. Competitive and authoritative. Ideal careers include banker, financier, pharmacist, engineer, lawyer, broker and real estate.


Master Number 9: Humanitarian endeavors. Idealistic and compassionate. Ideal careers include scientist, spiritual leader, doctor, teacher, clergy and diplomat.