Looking for a change? Maybe a new job, maybe a new you, maybe it's as simple as your Birthday. Maybe there is a way to find out what you were meant to do. Sometimes you just need to ask yourself a few questions before you start looking.

According to Careerbuilder.com if you write your birth date in numbers and add them up, you will be able to put together a few things about yourself that will help you look for a job, and what kind of job you should be looking for.

Example: My Birthday 7/3/1968

Add the numbers in the year together: 1+9+6+8

Add the month and day of birth to the year number: 7+3+24=34

Add the end result together to obtain a one-digit number: 3+4=7

My master number is 7, so I can check the jobs that will make me happy below.

Master Number 1: Leadership, independence. A natural leader and innovator; excellent in management levels. Ideal careers include inventor, designer, director, retail business owner, producer, sales manager, engineer, executive or small business owner

Master Number 2: Cooperative, team player. Doesn't mind not being the boss. Ideal careers include lawyer, diplomat, clerk, caterer, insurance adjuster and architect.

Master Number 3: Joyful, creative. Multi-talented; requires self-expression for happiness at work. Ideal careers include artist, musician, medical field, lawyer, athlete, designer and actor.

Master Number 4: Structure; order. Best when working with form and structure. Crave an organized environment to produce best work. Ideal careers include building trade, mechanic, accountant, executive, software designer, banking.

Master Number 5: Craves variety. An ideal communicator with strong language skills. Ideal careers include salesperson, advertising, writer, teacher, editor, marketing, e-commerce, actor and lawyer.

Master Number 6: Giving and receiving love. Strong in service to others and domestic concerns. Ideal careers include homemaker, teacher, artist, florist, singer, beautician, fashion field, musician, caterer.

Master Number 7: Spiritual inner knowledge. Philosophical with a yearning for truth and education. Ideal careers include healer, author, farmer, photographer and researcher.

Master Number 8: Material expression. Competitive and authoritative. Ideal careers include banker, financier, pharmacist, engineer, lawyer, broker and real estate.

Master Number 9: Humanitarian endeavors. Idealistic and compassionate. Ideal careers include scientist, spiritual leader, doctor, teacher, clergy and diplomat.


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