Welcome to ninetwentyfive, an upscale restaurant located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Just steps from the shore of Lake Minnetonka, you and your friends can enjoy a "casually sophisticated experience" like no other in the state. They have a seasonal food and beverage menu--  mixing authentic Midwestern heritage and charming seaside places like Cape Cod.

Last year during the height of the pandemic they came up with portable igloos placed outside for dining and it became so popular that they have brought it back this year with even more available to choose from. Now as you can imagine with a restaurant like this that includes fine dining it can be a little pricey but if you split it 4 ways it really would not be all that bad.

The igloos are already up so you can enjoy a delicious fall dinner now, outside before the snow flies. Each individual igloo is decorated around a certain theme and they offer four different 6-course meal options that cost between $475 and $500. But you do get complimentary champagne. The igloos are reserved for only 2 hours at a time, so eat and drink up.

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Obviously, with the uniqueness of the igloos and the time and energy put into decorating them, this is a super popular attraction, even at that price. You must make reservations 24 hours in advance and also be aware that a 20% gratuity and beverage charge will be added afterward.

I feel like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so indulge a little bit and enjoy yourself surrounded by friends or family. Plus, if you go on a Thursday night you can tuck inside for a bit and watch live music. Ninetwentyfive is located at 925 Lake Street East in Wayzata.


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