A select group of people were attending a special screening of the movie The Suicide Squad at a movie theater in Plymouth this past weekend. The movie hits theaters and HBO Max nationwide on on August 6. Besides seeing the movie before it is widely released they were given a special treat as John Cena popped in for a visit.

Cena was in the Twin Cities for a match with WWE For Friday Night Smackdown at Target Center. Cena stars in the highly anticipated action movie alongside stars like: featuring Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Cena and many more, including Sylvester Stallone and Viola Davis.

According to Bring Me The News Cena said:

I'm going to go in after the movie is over, talk a little bit, maybe answer some questions. I thought it would be awkward that I dressed up but now I realize I'm right at home. Acknowledging fans at the screening who were dressed as characters from the movie.

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Cena arrived at the theater still wearing his WWE gear from his match earlier in the night. According to Denofgeek.com Cena plays the character "Peacemaker" who believes in Peace at all costs. Cena has been part of the WWE organization for over 18 years while he is making his mark as an actor as well. He has had roles in many different styles of movies including some comedies which shows that he like "The Rock" can be very diverse in different characters he portrays.

Apparently he has been making a variety of stops at different theaters around the country that are showing a special screening of the movie which is sure to elevate his Peacemaker character to new heights. Check out some pictures and video from his appearance in Minnesota.

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