The Minnesota State Lottery Tweeted that a winner of a million-dollar lottery ticket was sold in Duluth and another winner in Grand Marais.

What would you do with a million dollars? I think if I had to spend it I could. I would think about paying off bills. If I had to splurge, I could easily drop that much money on some musical instruments, equipment, and new tech.

Normally I read about people in other states getting lucky, but now I know it can happen in Duluth and up north in Grand Marais. The Minnesota Lottery says a $1 million Powerball winner was discovered in Duluth. They also Tweeted that there was a $50,000 Powerball ticket sold in Grand Marais. According to MSN, the Duluth ticket matched all five numbers but not the Powerball, while the Grand Marais ticket matched the first four of five including the Powerball.

Wow! That is so close, both of them, to getting the big prize. They were just one number off on each of them. According to MSN, the million-dollar ticket was purchased at the Holiday gas station on the corner of 24th and London Road. The cool part is the store gets some money too. A $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. The other winner was purchased at a Marathon gas station, located on East Highway 61.

A winner has been close to Duluth before. Remember the New Year drawing that picked a Two Harbors winner. So, maybe it is getting closer to me.

Powerball Lottery Hits Record Jackpot Of $365 Million
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We might not know the winner of the $1 million dollars for a day or so because the winner has to go to Roseville Minnesota at the headquarters to claim the prize in person, but the $50,000 winner, can claim their money by mail or any Minnesota Lottery office.

Nobody won the big prize so on Monday, June 27th the Powerball jackpot will be for $346 million.

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