Are you hankering for a big sloppy slice of chocolate cake, but it’s not even noon? Go ahead and indulge.

A new study from Tel Aviv University found that having a little dessert with a balanced breakfast may be beneficial to weight loss, according to The Week.

The study suggested that since the body’s natural metabolism is most active in the morning, it can burn off those extra calories easier and give a person more time to work off the rest.

The study also found that those who stuck to the new diet guidelines lost the same amount of weight as those in the control group, but those who didn’t have something sweet with their breakfast gained some or most of the weight back after they lost it. The most likely cause is the hormone, ghrelin, that regulates the body’s level of hunger. Since those who had a dessert in the morning satisfied their hunger levels, they were less likely to snack through the rest of the day.

This completely blows everything we were ever taught about nutrition and fitness right out of the water. Froot Loops ARE part of a balanced breakfast. Donuts ARE good for you. And who knew that after all these years that Bill Cosby was right to give his children chocolate cake for breakfast?

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