Working remotely, away from traditional workplaces, has taken on a new meaning most of us never would have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work in dramatic and significant ways, shuttering businesses, grinding manufacturing and transportation to a halt, and threatening many people’s incomes.

Staying at home and practicing social distancing to help halt the spread of the dangerous disease, means plenty of people are looking for jobs they can perform remotely. To find remote jobs and opportunities that can pay well, journalists at Stacker scoured job directories and databases like Payscale, Glassdoor, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some are jobs that have nearly always been performed remotely. Customer service and marketing research have long been conducted from afar, from workers’ homes in the U.S. to call centers in India. Ever-evolving software and communications mean remote workers need little more than a laptop and Wi-Fi to do jobs like blogging, data entry, podcast creation, and editing. Jobs relying heavily on personal communication, from therapist to life coach, have become feasible work-from-home positions because of advances in video conferencing and online chats.

Other jobs were born to be remote: Online resellers, virtual assistants, content creators, editors, and social media managers by design can cast a wide net among clients, customers, and audiences stretching around the world.

Salary levels run the gamut. Data entry workers make about $13 an hour, and customer service representatives make just a bit more. Enjoying far more money at the other end of the remote pay scale are lawyers, sales directors, and business development managers.

With so many workers at home, some for the first time, the way we work is likely forever altered. With the benefits of letting people live where they want, often flexible hours, and abbreviated commutes, remote work can offer rewarding opportunities and possibilities to workers with imagination and initiative.

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