So there you are standing in front of a mess and it didn't take long to get there. You could have prevented this with a few hard and fast rules to keeping your area or house clean. Everyone can do this, but you have to be willing to stay the course.

Here are some ways to make your life happier with less clutter:

1. Make the Bed–If your bed is made, you are more likely to clean your room and keep it clean. The bedroom looks messier if you make your bed and haven't picked up your clothes. Quick little things like having a place to put dirty clothes will make a difference.

2. Manage Clutter–Sort the mail, pick up your clothes, fold the laundry and put it away, hang up your coat, and put away your shoes. Each of them simple, but each of them add up fast if you don't do them.

3. Clean as You Cook– Wipe up spills that could stain, wipe up behind yourself on the cook top, clean up the jars, cans, and containers from what you are cooking, and put away spices and other things you used to make the meal. When you finish preparing the food, sweep the floor. If you keep constant maintenance of your cooking area it will stay cleaner and help you to keep the kitchen cleaner.

4. Keep your work space as clear as possible-sometimes keeping the work space, like your desk or bench or whatever is your work space, clear helps you keep a clear mind. Organizing papers, pens, pencils, and finished projects will help you to finish more work instead of dealing with the mess that adds up when you don't keep up with it.

5. Have somewhere to put things. It doesn't mean you have to buy a bunch of bins and bags just to store stuff. Deal with the mess, or stuff right away. Where do the papers go, where do the clothes go, or where do the toys go. Making decisions and following through with them will help you to keep all your areas clean.



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