Looking for something to sit together and enjoy that isn't your typical Christmas movie? Here's a great list of movies that would be fun to sneak into the collection around the holidays. They are movies that might be Christmas movies but weren't made to be the new classics like The Grinch, or It's A Wonderful Life

Here are 5 that I think are good movies with a brief description for you too.

THE REF- This movie is set on Christmas. Gus (Denis Leary) decides to rob a house when it all goes wrong and he is forced to hideout. The house he decides to hide out in is expecting a huge family get-together that night. So Gus plays the therapist and finds out how much the family hates getting together and putting on fake faces. Meanwhile, the kid wants to live a life of luxury by blackmailing.

REINDEER GAMES- Rudy (Ben Affleck) is serving time in prison for auto theft, where he becomes friendly with his cellmate Nick (James Frain). Nick has been enjoying a spicy courtship by mail with a woman named Ashley (Charlize Theron), who has sent him several enticing photos, even though he has been unable to send her any of himself. So when Rudy is let out of jail, she and her brother think he is Nick, who used to work at a casino. Ashley's brother makes Rudy help him rob a local casino. With some twists at the end of the movie, this is a fun thriller for Christmas.

29TH STREET-The true story of the first winner of the New York state lottery. Set in New York City in the 1950s-60s, a young man is a finalist in the lottery and tries to get his father out of debt with loan sharks. When he wins, he doesn't have the ticket and is arrested for throwing rocks at his church. He explains his life to the police about how lucky he is but that luck is a curse. Another great twist in this one. Set on Christmas Eve.

A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN-This was an oscar winner for James Dunn. A poor family struggles and a young girl learns about life from a father who is a dreamer and a mother who is a realist. This movie isn't really a Christmas movie, it's another movie that ends around Christmas Time.

JACK FROST-This is another movie that isn't Christmas, but the magic and the tragedy take place around Christmas. Jack Frost is a musician when he dies in a Christmas car crash on the way to a gig. He comes back as a snowman to patch things up with his family and learns how precious his life was, and gets a second chance to be Dad.

Got any classics you like to watch at Christmas that aren't really Christmas movies. Let me know.

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