Almost a week removed from Halloween and there sits your Jack-O-Lantern, looking angry at you because it's sitting there.

What do you do with it? Some people make pie or pumpkin puree, or some compost. With COVID-19 hitting farmers and prices going up for their supplies and food to feed the animals, they are looking for old pumpkins. There is a Superior business that wants to help you.

Greenfield Meats and More, known for their farm-fresh Turkeys, give old pumpkins to their animals as treats. You can drop off your old angry or sad looking pumpkins and on their Facebook page they say their cows, chickens, and other animals will be happy to eat it as a treat. Greenfield Meats and More say their cows especially derive so much joy from it that they will supply photographic proof of how much joy.

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Their business hours aren't an accountant's hours.

  • Monday 11a-3:30
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 11a-5pm

Kylee Maccoux, the manager at Greenfield Meats and More, tells KBJR "I think it's important for the general public to get involved with local farmers and learn about where their food comes from and I think that's what I'm trying to do is just give people a little option to get in touch with a farmer and in touch with animals,"

Greenfield Meats and More can take carved pumpkins, any pumpkins you may have had on your front porch or window. Please do not bring any pumpkins that may have had vinegar, paint, or any other additives

Superior Meats and More are located at 2104 E 5th Street in Superior.

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