How do you want people to view your body at your funeral?  At a New Orleans funeral home, they're changing the way that people think about viewings and visitations - with an emphasis on giving the customer what they want.

At Charbonnet-Labat Funeral Home, they've started to stage the embalmed body in upright, life-like positions.  In one case, they have the deceased sitting at a table, with a can of Busch beer in one hand and a cigarette in another.  A different wake featured the deceased standing over a stove, seeming to cook a meal.

Is it legal?  Sure.  A law passed on Louisiana in 2012 allows for a cadavers to be posed in any way that isn't "immoral".

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What do you think about this new trend?  Would you want to see a loved one in such a setting - or do you prefer a more traditional visitation?


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