Kitchen appliances just got a new trendy color - and it's being heralded by designers as the "kiss of death" for stainless steel.  It may look like white to you, but the Whirlpool appliance company is marketing their "new" color as something they call "White Ice".

Not since avocado green and harvest gold were introduced in the 1970's have consumers been more welcoming to new appliance trends.  With the onslaught of stainless steel over the last ten or fifteen years, it seems that almost everyone had evolved  their appliances to the trend.  With stainless steel came the smudge from every fingertip that ever touched your stove or refrigerator.  In fact, an entire product line was developed to keep it clean; Sales of so-called "stainless steel cleaner" soared through  the roof.

Now, it appears that the trend has met its match with White Ice. If this trend happens like most do, White Ice will eventually drag everyone through it's popularity cycle - with millions of people "upgrading" their appliances with the new color.

In fact, that's probably what Whirlpool is counting on!


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