Do people still use road maps?  I do - and I get guff about it from my co-workers.  Sure, I recognize the convenience of a digital map available via the internet, cellphone, or a device like Tom Tom;  I've even used digital maps.  However, I like having a paper road map and I regularly pick up copies of the new state map when it becomes available to tuck away on my collection.

If you're a paper road map lover like me - you'll be happy to know that the new official Wisconsin State Road Map for 2017-2018 is available - free of charge - at a variety of locations.  Click here to visit the WISDOT page for a list.

What's different you may ask?  Well, according to WISDOT, this years map includes a variety of new roadways and realignments that differ significantly from years past.  The website also spells those changes out.

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