This morning while on Facebook I received a share from Katrina and the Missing Pets In The Northland page.  It was about a lost dog named Elvis that his owner had posted.  Have you seen Elvis?  Our hope is that you have him and we can now unite him and his owner, Zach.

According to Zach, Elvis is a very lovable, friendly dog who was recently rescued from a shelter in Ashland.  Zach only knows that he is part pit bull.  I would be devastated if I lost my own little buddy and can only imagine what Zach is feeling.  Please help us find Elvis.  Zach wrote:

"Saturday night around 9 my dog Elvis snuck out while I was cleaning my garage. He was last seen around 20th and oaks around 930. He is very friends and just wants to be everyone's friend. His tags have all of my info unless he managed to lose them"

If you have information, have seen Elvis or better yet, have him as a guest in your home, please respond in a post here and I'll have Zach get a hold of you.  Please share with friends and family so we can get the word out to be watching for him, especially in that neighborhood.