Although the fishing opener is scheduled for the first weekend in May, unless a miracle happens, there will be few if any out to try their luck. Lake Nebagamon is just starting to thaw in areas by the shore, and unless we can put together several days of seventy degree weather, we won't make the opener.

It's my guess the lake will open around mid May, if we don't get any more snow. Lake Nebagamon is a community that relies heavily on the tourist. When we experience delays, or cooler spring and summers, our tourist traffic is naturally down. Meteorologists are predicting a cooler summer this year thanks to our brutal winter, Retailers are already feeling the pinch, and although warmer weather will eventually arrive, money lost is money that can't be made up.

Now for some good news! Meteorologists are predicting a mild winter this year. That should be better for retail merchants, and you know what? I think we all deserve a break right?