Every band is reuniting it seems like. One of the biggest bands from the 80's was Journey, who is enjoying a second run. Journey replaced their original lead singer Steve Perry with Arnel Pineda, whom they found on YouTube.com. So, what is the chance that Steve Perry happens to want to get on stage, or get back in the band, that he joins them on stage?

According to Neal Schon, the lead guitarist and one of the founders, he is welcome back on stage with Journey any time.  In fact, current lead singer Arnel Pineda would be “overjoyed” if Perry were to show up for one of the band’s tour stops. Arnel grew up idolizing Steve Perry and said it would be a dream come true if he were to sing next to him.

Neal Schon tells Artisan News. “I’ve always let the door open. I made it a point, the last time I saw and even spoke to Perry, when we received (a star on) the Hollywood Walk Of Fame …there were so many rumours that I hated him..... I wanted to make sure that people saw me asking him right there" "If you ever want to come back...it's there."

Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist for the band is a little more pessimistic, saying he was told by Steve that the band should not expect anything from him ever again. Cain goes on to say that time can change a person's mind sometimes. He may want to join us someday, if he only knew how big of a fan Arnel is, he would do it once anyway.