How many people have slow danced to a song the Steve Perry and Journey wrote or sang. I got one of my best kisses while "Open Arms" was playing. Journey was at the top of their game, then Steve Perry disappeared.

Part of it was forced on him. He wanted more control and wasn't a nice person while he had the control. After churning out hits like "Lights", "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'", "Who's Cryin' Now", Albums like Captured, Escape, Frontiers, they took on Raised on Radio. The band was changing members because of the bickering. Steve Perry took over the production for the album. Between his demand of perfection and his mother's health, the album was troubled and was the last straw for the rest of the band.

For the next tour and album the band hired a new singer to step in because they couldn't wait for Steve to write, perform, get his hip fixed, and get in shape to tour.

After being away, he wasn't interested. He still kept saying he was going to write, but being a perfectionist, he was blocking himself from starting or finishing a song, let alone, an album.

After the band reunited, the old problems came back, so the band went and got a new lead singer and are working on an album with him. The band and the new lead singer agree, they will not be like old Journey. They will be different and new.

Steve Perry, now 64, says he still wants to write a third album, but is still loving the fact that he isn't in the music business and having to live the emotional roller coaster.

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