I was asking myself that question this morning. What has Cleveland got to do with rock and roll in the first place? Nothing. It would seem to me the Country Hall of Fame is located in the correct place, Nashville Tennessee. Home to the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. They got it right. Rock n roll didn't.

We should have taken a page from our country friends, and located the Hall of Fame in the birthplace of rock n roll..Memphis Tennessee. Home to Elvis, and Sun Records.

Thousands of people make a yearly pilgrimage to memphis, especially on Elvis Presley's birthday. Memphis would be my first selection if i was on the committee.

How about New York? New York would be a great place for the Hall, we had a lot of great rock n roll come out of New York, and lets face it..it's New York.

How about Los Angeles, or San Francisco? They are good choices as well, San Fan the birthplace of psychedelic music, the hippie and love generation and home to some fantastic bands, and lets not forget L.A. either.

Cleveland has no direct link or roots to rock n roll, where Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles and Frisco do.