According to a recent poll, one in four Americans believe God has an influence over who wins sporting games. That praying helps shove those odds up even higher, or so they say. Half of Americans that took the poll, said God rewards sports stars that are religious and pray often. Ok, so how do you explain Tim Tebow? He is still trying to get back in the NFL.

More people in the south (36%) than in the west (lowest at 15%) think that God is using his will to help the outcome of the games. So why haven't the New Orleans Saints won more Super Bowls? You would think they would be a shoe in.

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis regularly thanked God in his after game interviews and is very well known for giving credit to God in the locker room. After defeating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, he said: ‘God doesn’t make mistakes. He’s never made one mistake. God is so amazing.’

Another notable player, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, has religious wording on tattooed on his body; one psalm is visible beneath his jersey on his shoulder. Psalm 18:39, is on his right shoulder, it reads, “You arm me with strength for battle. You make my adversaries bow at my feet”. You mean to tell me all the apostles were football players, no wonder why there was one apostle that turned on Jesus, there's only eleven guys on the field at any one time, not 12. One had to go.......that was a joke.

Some still feel the reason the Vikings can't win a Super Bowl and have such tough luck is because of the horns. I know that's not true because the Rams won.  Some believe the Packers should win more because of the big "G". It doesn't stant for Green Bay.....that would be GB, it says G.

Nope, not buying that either.

Yes, 1 out of 4 believe God has a pick in the Super Bowl Champion, but remember, the other 3 people are probably swearing at their TV hoping their team wins and they don't buy that God cares who wins.

So what do you believe? Some say the reason the Vikings have a hard time putting together a Super Bowl winning team is because of the horns, like the devil. I laugh at that one.

Why does Green Bay do well? The Big G.

Sorry, not buying either.