Ever wish you could look into a crystal ball and see the future?  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is letting you do just that with their just-released 20-year plan for the state's roadways.

The Minnesota 20-year State Highway Investment Plan has been finalized and is available online, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. MnSHIP connects the Minnesota GO 50-year vision and policies established in the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan to capital improvements on the state highway system.

“This plan is the result of extensive collaboration among MnDOT, residents, stakeholders and partners throughout Minnesota,” said Charlie Zelle, MnDOT Commissioner. “The success of Minnesota’s transportation system depends on the coordinated efforts of many public and private providers. The investment priorities outlined in MnSHIP provide a framework for MnDOT’s contribution to those efforts.”

MnSHIP establishes priorities for spending projected capital revenue on the state highway system, a 12,000-mile network that plays a critical role in supporting the state’s economy and quality of life. MnSHIP is a fiscally constrained plan, meaning its planned expenditures must align with expected revenues, which total $18 billion. Meanwhile, projected transportation needs on the state highway system during the next 20 years total $30 billion.

MnDOT considers many factors when setting priorities, including federal and state law, system conditions and public input. Priorities for the next 10 years balance preservation of existing roads and bridges with investments in safety, new connections for multiple modes of transportation, and other projects that advance economic development and quality of life objectives. Investments in the second 10 years focus almost exclusively on preserving existing infrastructure. Even with this focus, the number of roads and bridges in poor condition will more than double, and perhaps triple, within 20 years.

To see the plan for yourself, click here.