Once upon a time back in the mid fifties, Dave Goddard, Larry Vannata and Gene McCarthy formed a vocal group called the Rhythm Kings. They played high school dances and small parties like most groups do when they first start out. A record distributor, heard the group and suggested that they add a high falsetto voice. Shortly thereafter Larry met Lynne Nixon at a dance and approached her about an audition. Upon hearing her voice they agreed to add her to the group. At first Lynne only sang backgrounds, until Larry wrote the song You for her to sing.

At an event, music-promoter Lou Fargo heard them and liked what he saw and heard. In December 1957 he signed the group and off to the studio they went to record on Fargo's own label as the Aquatones. Their first song they recorded was You, and did very well in the East, but only managed to hit #21 in the top 40. Still, not bad for a first time venture.

They recorded several other songs over the years, but none did as well as You. Over time, the group disbanded. Lynn got married, others got drafted, and each went their own way. Dave Goddard became deeply distraught, especially over the loss of Lynn, and over the years his desire to reform the Aquatones with a female lead like Lynn never left him.

So one night Dave is in a bar and hears a voice that sounded very familiar to him. He listened to the female singer and was so impressed with the quality of her voice (she sounded much like Lynn), that he asked her to audition for his group. Her name was Colette Delaney, and she eventually became a member of the Aquatones. It's uncanny how close her voice resembles that of Lynn Nixon.

Eventually they re recorded all their original songs, and started touring again. In 2001, Lynn Nixon died, however through Colette, and the perseverance of Dave Goddard, her music will live on.

I've included the original You sung by Lynn, and also a video of Colette singing the same song for you to compare. It's my opinion nobody could match the beautiful voice of Lynn Nixon, however Colette is as close as one could get. What do you think?