Years after the death of Sam Cooke, questions still arise as to who or what was behind his death. I consider myself one of the many questioners.These are only my views and opinions, and I'd like to share them with you as a "food for thought" type thing.

Sam Cooke started out singing gospel, and eventually became a member of the Soul Stirrers. Folks would attend their concerts expecting to hear gospel songs as they were originally sung, and they enjoyed a huge reputation. Eventually, Sam incorporated a bit of "pop" into the gospel songs which resulted his being asked to leave the Soul Stirrers, as their audiences did not prefer this new style of gospel singing.

Bumps Blackwell became Sam's savior, and got him signed to Keen Records, the same company that had Ritchie Valens under contract prior to his death.. After a two year stint with Bob Keen, Sam left, feeling Keene was playing fast & loose with the company till, and he wasn't get his share of money.

RCA let it be known they wanted to sign Sam to a contract and would do just about anything to get him. Sam sensing this, met with the RCA execs, and presented them with a "take it or leave it" proposition. Sam wanted full rights to his music, he would own all the master recordings, and lease them back to RCA. This was unheard of at that time, but RCA eventually agreed to Cooke's demands. This would later prove a great move for Sam Cooke, and a devastating financial blow for RCA.

Sam Cooke recorded several hits for RCA, and the record execs started getting very concerned about Cooke receiving all the money and RCA very little. It might have been decided then that Cooke had to go.

Sam Cooke was not only a huge star, but also quite a ladies man, heck, all the girls loved Sam Cooke. One night at a party, he met an attractive woman who asked him to join her at the Hacienda Motel later for a drink. Sam took her up on the offer. While at the Hacienda, she removed his clothes, stole his wallet, and went screaming down the hallway to the front desk, telling the desk person Cooke had tried to rape her, and she was fearing for her life. Cooke, who was naked, ran after the woman wanting his clothes and wallet back. As he approached her, he was shot and killed by the front desk person. The police ruled in the woman's favor, and as far as they were concerned, it was a closed case.

It's my opinion, there have been a couple things in this case that were not brought out at that time. Rumour has it that the girl Cooke met at the party was well known to RCA company executives. Another rumour is that the girl and the person at the front desk who shot Cooke were close friends. That sheds a different light on the story doesn't it? Could it have been that RCA execs, were working with both the girl and the front desk person to get rid of Cooke? How about a jealous lover? It was well known that Cooke has many female "friends." Could one of them simply gone over the edge and hired the girl Cooke was with that night?

The true story of Sam Cooke's murder will probably never be known. Nobody is saying anything, there are no new investigations, it's almost as if Sam Cook'e death never happened, and the whole things seems to have been buried under the rug and will remain there forever. Nonetheless, the murder of Sam Cooke remains suspicious doesn't it?