Brian Urlacher was reported to be talking to the Minnesota Vikings about playing the LB positon. This morning on the NFL network, Coach Leslie Frazier said they would start in house first. He didn't say it wouldn't happen, nor did he say it would.

According to Leslie Frazier said, "Brian has been a great player in our league for a long, long time, and  was a thorn in our side for many years. At this point, we want to look at the guys on our roster, give them a chance to compete for the middle linebacker position, then we'll see where it takes us." They plan on giving Erin Henderson every opportunity to lock down that position after shifting from the outside.

So, here's what could happen, Vikings balk at his offer to get him to go lower, he doesn't get any offers and goes back to Chicago, or he might just retire if nobody wants him. I've got to think that he has a place somewhere. I would imagine he is looking at NFC north first then elsewhere.