What were some of your favorite toys growing up? When you look at Christmas lists by kids nowadays it’s mostly smartphones or pads. The National Toy Hall of Fame will induct 2 toys this year and there are 12 finalists, see if you remember some of these.

The Magic 8 ball. You ask a question, shake it and turn it over and it would tell you better than a two bit psychic.

The Fisher Price Corn Popper...this toy is sheer genius, I still like this toy, when we got one for Sam, I showed him how to use it and re-lived my childhood.

Star Wars action figures. That was the best marketing tool, and something no one had ever done at the time, they must have sold millions of these.

Green Army Men-One of the favs to make the hall of fame. Online voting has these toys in the lead. No wonder they are featured in Toy Story.

The other toys vying for glory are Clue, Dominoes, Lite-Brite, Pogo Stick, Sidewalk Chalk, Simon, the tea set, and Twister.

By Ben Popken, TODAY contributor wrote

It's a tough field, almost as gripping as 2008 when the Hall anointed "the stick" its newest inductee. Giggle away, but with a touch of child's imagination, the lowly wooden rod can become a Harry Potter wand, a ship's mast, or a banner-holder. That's why kids have been playing with them ever since the caveman days when they were the only toys around.

Which toys make the cut is up to the poll, for more details on top toys click here