Chris Neal, An Indiana film-maker had a dog that made a connection with him, and he with the dog. So in love with the dog, he made a film about putting the dog down. I wasn't prepared to watch the short film. If you have loved or love a pet, you will cry!

I had that dog! My version was Jenny. She had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. We got her from the pet store that used to be at the village mall. She was the quietest, the most loving, and was willing to play with us. So, in 10 minutes time, we decided she was our dog. We took her to get shots, and heard within 2 weeks, all her family had died and she was the only one to live.

Once home, she tortured my Dad, laying on the couch and licking his feet. She ate my shoes. She chewed everything she could. At the time, we were re-doing my room, so her and I slept together in the basement. In the morning I discovered she could jump out of her area, and left me gifts on the floor.......ewwwww!!! We would put her in her 4 x 4 box and she would jump out and sleep with me on the bed.

We moved into my room and that's where she would sleep. That cemented the closeness I felt for her. She always listened, almost never barked, loved to play, loved even more to love on you and be loved on, and loved when my Mom held her like a baby.

I moved to Nashville, she waited at the window for 3 weeks for me to come home. When I did 3 years later, she greeted me like I'd never left and resumed her place on my bed when I stayed there. I moved back briefly some time later when she was almost 17 years old. She was older, grayer, and had trouble moving and doing just about everything. I made a promise that I would not leave her until she passed away.  I got a job offer to move to Baton Rouge, and as if she knew, jumped one last time on my bed to sleep at the foot.

When she fell down the stairs coming to see me, and couldn't walk to go outside, we noticed growths on her belly. With the vet telling us it may be best to let her go, we made the decision. I carried her to my bed after getting the baby treatment from my Mom.

She passed away in my arms, looking at me with sad eyes. Only one yelp when she realized what was going to happen. I held her in my arms for the hour it took us to drive to her favorite spot. Overlooking the lake at my Uncle's Cabin, where she would "fish" for hours.

I see Jenny in this film, maybe you will see your Jenny, if not, you see the love these two have for each other.

Todd (the owner) describes how Griffey was a normal puppy, and that one of Griffey's favorite games was to chase rabbits around the family back garden, though he would never catch them. The filmmaker used music that he composed himself as the clip's score and took much of the footage for the film from old VHS tapes.