The city of Duluth has been doing a good job clearing snow and removing it from downtown streets and other streets. Now the next round is set to begin so here's the schedule so you don't get a ticket.

The City of Duluth Maintenance Operations crews will be out this Thursday, January 23, 2014 clearing accumulated snow piles. City crews will work on clearing 3rd Street between Mesaba Ave and 21st Ave East. On Friday, January 24, crews will be out clearing 2nd Street from Mesaba Ave to 4th Ave then continuing from from 12th Ave East to 21st Ave East. Depending on progress, city crews may start clearing snow along First Street on Friday.

Crews will start work on 3rd Street at 7:30 AM. The first half of Second Street will start at 5:00 AM. Residents are requested to move their vehicles to avoid ticketing.