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What Do Teal Pumpkins on Halloween Mean?
Did you see an teal pumpkins while out trick-or-treating last year around the Twin Ports? If not, you may run into some this year while you're out in the Duluth-Superior area. Here's the meaning, and some of the places you might find them this year.
My Memories Of Trick Or Treating, Country VS City, Then And Now
I grew up in Wrenshall so I lived the country side of trick or treating.  There has always been definite differences between country and city trick or treating but now even more so, due to the world we live in and safety.  It's sad that some sinister people actually put a legitimate s…
San Francisco, Boston Among Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating
Everyone thinks their neighborhood is the best for trick-or-treating. But the folks at real estate site Zillow have actually compiled a list of the best cities for scoring some ‘tricks or treats’ this Halloween.
In creating its third annual Trick-or-Treat Index, Zillow considered factors such as medi…