When Is The Right Time To Get Your Kids A Smartphone?
My buddy was considering getting his kids smartphones for their birthday. First of all, he is cheap so they wouldn't be top of the line. He was also asking me, he is a know it all. He wondered if they were too young, and what he could do to keep them safe. I told him I read up on it and he…
How Old Should Your Child Be To Get A Cell Phone?
When is the right time to buy a smart phone for your child? People debate this all the time. I think it has to do with the situation. With kids being abducted so much nowadays a lot of people are buying phones just for an emergency, not to mention you can have tracking put on it so you can know wher…
How Do You Know Your Kid Is Ready For A Smart Phone
I was talking to a friend of mine who said something funny to me. He was going to get a smartphone for his kids. They had a talk about it and he thought it was the right idea, so I pressed him, how do you know, here's what he said and here's what studies say.

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