Ozzy Osbourne Could Have An Airport Named After Him
Who woulda thunk? The Prince Of Darkness could very well  have Birmingham International Airport renamed in his honor, and  why not? He would join John Lennon who had an airport named after him in Liverpool.
According to USA Today, if Big Bean Music boss Jim Simpson, who discovered Black Sabbath has h…
Ozzy Spins His Case For Vinyl On Record Store Day
Record Store Day, I love it. And my fav headbanger of all time, Ozzy is the Ambassador. I think he should give a speech don't you? Of course after you edit out all the Fbombs, about all you'd have left is "Thank You". Congrats to Ozzy, congrats to Record Store Day, I'm off to listen to Cra…
Ozzy Cancels Concert
All  is not well in Ozzyville, illness forces Ozzy to cancel a show.  You know Sharon is kicking his butt to get better so they can make some $$. Let's hope the Prince of Darkness gets better.
I Am Ozzy [Review]
One need not be a fan of Black Sabbath, "The Prince Of Darkness", or even a "metalhead, to enjoy this book. Maybe all you know about Ozzy is his TV show  The Osbournes . No worries, he'll win you over..Ozzy's a hard guy not to like..