Rev Wright Says Obama Tried To Pay For His Silence
The Reverend Wright scandal continues to plague the Obama campaign as new allegations of bribery surfaced over the weekend.  In an interview, Reverend Jeremiah Wright - the controversial pastor of the church Obama attended for more than 20 years - claims that the president's campaign workers offered…
Obama Withdraws Proposed Child Labor Law Changes
A proposal that would have limited the amount of time and ways that children could perform chores at the family farm has been withdrawn;  The Obama administration withdrew the proposed changes after a barrage of criticism from farm and family advocates.
Retail Sales Slow To A Crawl
Despite the rosy reports coming from Washington, it appears that retail sales have slowed down to a stand-still.  The Commerce Department reported that retail sales figures grew only 0.1% in the the month of April - and forecasts for the summer aren't looking any better...
Obama’s Catholic Problem; Hires Faith Outreach Director
In 2008, 54% of American Catholics supported Barack Obama as he ran for a seat in the Oval Office.  Political analysts expect that number to be far lower in 2012, following a series of events in which Obama has snubbed his nose at the Roman Catholic faith.  Now - it appears that he is tryi…
Beware: Fiscal Cliff Looms For U.S. Market
As a country, we've done nothing to manage our debt the last couple of years.  In fact - we've added to it at a record rate.  Wall Street-"dooms-dayers" foretell of a fiscal cliff that the market is headed for.
Low Tax Rate, Refund For Obama
I thought that millionaires were supposed to pay more in taxes?  Barack Obama's tax returns are public information and inquiring eyes have noticed two things:  His effective tax rate is lower than the 30% he proposes and he's also getting a very large tax refund!
Obama Fails At Hoops, Too [VIDEO]
Over the Easter Weekend, Barack Obama invited people to the White House for storytelling, healthy food, and a game of basketball.   Obama has been quick to trumpet his basketball skills before, so all eyes were on the POTUS as he engaged in a game of shoot-around.
Majority Of Hybrid Owners Wouldn’t Buy Again
The Obama administration might have a problem on their hands if they're counting on the money they've spent on hybrids turning into satisfied American customers;  Two-thirds of current hybrid owners say that they would never buy another...
Obama Continues To Tell Catholics To Go To Hell
Although the White House believes that it placated the Catholic Church on the issue of mandatory birth control, a growing group of legislators aren't in agreement.
Seven states have filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that nearly all health insurance plans cover co…
American Drivers Log Fewer Miles In 2011
Blame the economy.  Blame the cost of gas.  U.S. drivers logged fewer miles last year.
Last year, U.S. drivers logged 35.7 billion fewer miles over 2010 — down 1.2 percent — to 2.963 trillion miles, the Federal Highway Administration reported...

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