A proposal that would have limited the amount of time and ways that children could perform chores at the family farm has been withdrawn;  The Obama administration withdrew the proposed changes after a barrage of criticism from farm and family advocates.

Obama's proposed changes would have forbidden children younger than the age of 16 from performing most chores on family farms.  Specifically:

The new regulations would have forbidden children younger than 16 years of age from completing “agricultural work with animals and in pesticide handling, timber operations, manure pits and storage bins.” It would also have barred farm workers under 16 from handling most “power-driven equipment” and from contributing to the “cultivation, harvesting and curing of tobacco.

A massive backlash against the proposed law has caused Obama to rethink the changes.  In February, a revised law was floated through congress that would have allowed a "Parental Exclusion" - but critics said that the advancing legislation was too aggressive.

Obama administration scraps child labor restrictions for farms - TheHill.com.