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What Are You Listening To? – Shari And Chris Take On The World
With the advent of different ways to listen to music, the world opens up for what you can listen to. No longer are you strapped down to your cd player and one album. You can have radio, ipod, phone, cd, tape (old school), or a service. So, that's what started the question, What are you listenin…
Watch What This Engineer Does To Help This Woman’s Career
People hear artists these days and there are so many great singers. During the 80's many tech advances made it possible for people that don't sing well to have hits and sound great on recordings. This is a little extreme but this engineer works hard to make this woman sound good.
Kaylee Matuszak Talks Career, College, Music, and Releasing a CD
Kaylee Matuszak was in the morning show this morning to talk about her music, and even perform for us. She recently graduated from Hermantown High School and excelled at many things including sports and music. Her Dad Brian Matuszak is very well known in the area for his performing skills and I can …
Philip Kives Dead At 87; Founded Minnesota-Based K-Tel Records
Mention K-Tel Records to someone of a certain age and they instantly conjure up images of late-night television commercials hawking record albums (or 8-tracks and cassettes) that compiled hits by multiple artists all on one collection for a super low price.  And while any record collector worth his …

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