Why Are People Dying From The Flu?
With the current outbreak of influenza peaking - and the news reports of the deaths associated with the flu - a lot of people are wondering:  why are people dying from the flu?  After all, isn't the flu similar to the common cold?
Dirty Needles Are Putting Thousands At Risk Nationwide
Recently we heard of hundreds of people receiving injections with tainted medications, now, health officials are facing a quiet threat that was supposed to die with the advent of the disposable syringe more than 50 years ago: dirty needles. We trust the medical professionals when they recommend shot…
Drug Manufacturers Must Disclose Payola
It's become so much of a standard that it's just assumed:  your doctor is at the receiving end of "leverage" from drug manufacturers to prescribe their medications.  And whether they receive pens and Sticky Notes with the pill's brand name on them or they receive a cash payment, the end re…
‘Walmart Of Weed’ To Open In Arizona.
Rayman is  all about having the proper tools for job.
It's called the "Walmart of Weed."This newest big-box store is devoted to selling marijuana-growing equipment.
Its biggest outlet yet is to open Wednesday in Phoenix, where Arizona voters approved medical cannabis last f…
Man Takes First Steps in 20 Years With Robot ExoSkeleton
Imagine losing the ability to walk. Imagine losing said ability for over 20 years.
Now, imagine the kind of elation you'd feel if an invention came along that made it possible for you to walk again.
That's exactly how the man in this video felt after using the ReWalk ExoSkeleton robot. Designed by Arg…