American Foods That Foreigners Don’t Understand
As a foodie, I tend to follow a lot of blogs and sites that concentrate on the foods we eat.  I recently encountered an interesting read from an unlikely non-food related website called  The subject this time around was foods that Americans eat that foreigners turn their noses…
What Not To Buy On Black Friday
Black Friday - the official "first day of the Christmas shopping season - is almost here.  Millions of consumers will hit the stores - early - for the supposed chance to clean up on the best prices of the season.
But are they really the best prices?
10 Variations of Popular Candies You Probably Missed
People love candy: The average American spends $84 on and consumes about 23.9 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. With all that money and attention, you'd think it would be hard for a candy product to fail. Not true. Many candy products come and go without much notice. Here are 10 variations o…
Learn The 2011 Word Of The Year: Tergiversate
It's that time of year again;  Time to select the "top"-something or another of the past 12 months.  New today is the news of what has selected as their Word Of The Year for 2011:  tergiversate.
So what does it mean...