One Thing You Should NOT To Do At Your Wedding [VIDEO]
Everyone is trying to do something unique at their wedding to make it more memorable. Some people have come up with a dance for the announcement of the wedding party. Sometimes the Bride and Groom will sing together, sometimes they have an elaborate dance they have worked out.
Have Automated Store Clerks Taken Over?
Full disclosure:  I dislike automated tellers and self-check out lines.  Why should I ring up my own sale and bag my own groceries without some form of discount off the bill?.  In other words - if the owner of the store is saving money by not paying human beings to wait on me, why shouldn't I be ent…
Ladies, What Does Your Nail Color Say About You
There is so much information on choices we make and what it might mean. How you keep your home means something about your personality. Here's something I came across, it tells you ladies what the color of your nail polish means about you.